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Category: Nature

Ayunan Langit

In simple translation, Ayunan means “swing” and Langit means “sky”, so it means the swing which really high. This place located around Kalibiru National Park. This is another
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Timang Beach

Everyone knows that the Gunungkidul Region is home to the most beautiful beaches of Yogyakarta, including the Timang Beach, which is located 35 kilometres south of Wonosari. It
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Dieng Plateau

At Dieng Plateau we can chase the sunrise, but if only the sky is clear. It’s not easy to chase because rain or mist normally down there. Only
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Parangtritis Beach

  Parangtritis is a popular tourists beach and village area on the southern coast of Java in Bantul Regency within the Special District of Yogyakarta. There is a
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